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Dr. Sheri Turrell, C. Psych

Sheri came to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy somewhat accidentally. After a ten-year career as a Registered Nurse, followed by a shift to graduate school at OISE / University of Toronto and working in various hospital settings as a Psychologist, she took part in a mindfulness-based stress reduction program (MBSR). After completing the MBSR course, Sheri was curious as to how the mindfulness practice that helped her could be of use to her clients. This exploration lead to the Association for Contextual Behavioral Therapy (ACBS) website and news of a two-day workshop with Kelly Wilson in Toronto almost ten years ago. After attending that workshop, incorporating mindfulness into her existing behavioral therapy practice became slightly clearer – only slightly because ACT invites us to never stop learning and growing. Sheri embarked on her current journey, fueled by her passion for ongoing learning and dedication to helping her clients, and immersed herself in “all things ACT.” Over the past ten years, she has co-authored two ACT texts, supervised graduate students and mental health professionals, and facilitated workshops internationally. Now, as Canada’s first female ACBS*Peer Reviewed ACT Trainer, Sheri is bringing her experience and skills as both a clinician and trainer, into partnership with Nikolay Pavlov to fill a gap in learning ACT – how to continue learning when the workshops are over?

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Dr. Sheri Turrell has authored several books on ACT.

Dr. Turrell’s Work Includes

Adjunct Lecturer

Department of Psychiatry,
University of Toronto


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy,
Department of Psychology

Past Chair

Ontario Association for Contextual Behavioural Science

I took two previous workshops in ACT, but it wasn’t until I trained with Sheri that it really “clicked.”  Also, the small group format of the live online training allowed for individual attention and learning.  Learning ACT has been very helpful for several of my clients who were really “stuck” in therapy. 

Caroline King

MD, FRCPC (Psychiatrist)

Up Coming Trainings

Join Sheri for online and in person trainings.

May 2d, 3:00-4:00 pm 

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy from Inside Out - Online Workshop

Mindful Society conference

By Dr.Sheri Turrell, C.Psych. and Mary Bell, MSW, RSW

Participants will come away with:

  • Understand the ACT model highlighting the process of mindfulness
  • Practice using the ACT Matrix to conceptualize personal struggles and experiment with making changes in an ACT framework
  • Explore the applicability of the ACT Matrix to a variety of contexts

Full program and Registration


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